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Technical Drawings



Storm Plastics have been working with numerous Soil and Structural Engineers for some time now to come up with new drawings for "Drainage Installation Guidelines incorporating Flexible Connections in the various Soil Classifications in accordance with "AS2870 - 2011 Residential Slabs and Footings".


The main purpose of the new drawings is for the Industry to have a better understanding of Drainage Requirements for the Various Types of Footings and Reactive Soil Classifications. e.g. Under Slab Drainage in "Class H1/H2 Soil with a Waffle Pad / Slab" or  "Class M Soil with a Slab or Waffle Raft" etc.


These drawings include Location and Quantity of Flexible Connections Required for Drainage Systems to Accommodate the Soil Movement as per the Site Soil Classification and Type of Footing being used. Thus enabling the installer the ability to create and sustain self cleaning flow.


Storm Plastics Table: SP-1 "Soil Type with Drainage Grade Guide" is attached and is to be read in conjunction with our Installation Guideline Drawings.


Drainage Installation Guideline Drawings

For Reactive Soils


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Angular Deflection (SJ10015) Angular and Telescopic Swivel Joint PDF.



CAD Drawings


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