Grey Tube

Owners of watercraft that require filtration Storm Plastics has the new "Grey Tube" to answer your calls

Grey Tube comes in two sizes, 20Lt suits upto 4 persons or the larger 60Lt handling upto 12 onboard

Both running 50mm DWV inlet / outlets easy install for the weekend project

Is supplied with 6 Filter Pads, 1 Chlorine Dispenser, a small batch of Chlorine Tablets, plus a set of easy to follow guidelines.




          Click here to view link                          Grey Tube all together                               Top view of unit                            What comes in the box

                                           Grey Tube 225mm available in two sizes 20ltr and 60ltr CLICK on size for a PDF with details



 Click on the below EPA Logo to review important information regarding the discharge of GREY WATER