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   upside down
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PVC Puddle Flanges


Puddle flange for suspended floors has provision for screwing to timber floor and can be fixed to concrete floor prior to connection to pipe work, as it is a socket fitting


Code PF80M for the male internal pipe Puddle Flange and

Code PF80F for the socket end Puddle Flange.


PuddleFlange2.JPG - small

Top View

PuddleFlange1.JPG - small

Bottom View

puddleFlange01.jpg - small

Flange with a PVC

and C/P PVC 80 mm Grate


puddleFlange02.jpg - small


PVC Floor Flanges

 Available in all the regular DWV sizes


FF40.jpg - small


FF50.jpg - small


FF65.jpg - small


FF65.jpg - small


FF100.jpg - small



Stormwater Reducer

 ST10090001.JPG - smallST10090002.JPG - small 



In pipe reducer to go from 100 mm DWV to 90 mm SW

allows you to go pipe to pipe with one fitting.


Fine Fit Adaptor

ST7590.jpg - small


A purpose built PVC stormwater adaptor that makes the plumbers job faster, innovative, neater and efficient (FINE).
It has been manufactured to fine tolerances that cater for the variations in the outside diameter of 75mm downpipe as the size varies along the length of the galvanised downpipe.

A time saving compact PVC fitting to efficiently and neatly join 75mm round galvanised downpipe to 90mm PVC stormwater pipe.

No longer do you need to crimp the galvanised downpipe and struggle with the two ends until finally you squeeze the downpipe inside the fitting.


Downpipe Adaptors

Storm Plastics manufacture in house various PVC Downpipe Adaptors to suit 100 mm, 150 mm, 225 mm pipe


Below is a small sample of what we have available at Storm Plastics


90DP7070.jpg - small 


100DP100100.jpg - small 


100DP72127.jpg - small 


100DP75155.jpg - small 


100DP85100.jpg - small 




150DP105185.jpg - small 


150DP125175.jpg - small 


150DP150150.jpg - small 


225DP205205.jpg - small 


225DP305150.jpg - small 



You will find the full range of Downpipe Adaptors on pages 3-4-5 of our Product Guide


ProductGuideCover001.JPG - small



Fabricated 150 mm Slab Adaptor

Fitting measures approximately 250 mm


DWSA150.jpg - small



PVC Saddle Junctions


PVC Saddle Junctions to attach PVC to FRC Pipework



Below are a few examples we fabricate, please see page 8 of the Product Guide for the full range

FRC225-30015045.jpg - small



FRC375-45015090.jpg - small



FRC375-45015090topvi1.jpg - small



ProductGuideCover001.JPG - small


Page 14-15



Don't say "No it is not available". If you or your customer cannot find that one off item, email or call Storm Plastics. Our creative team can cut, bend, fold, weld up and make almost anything out of pipe or flat plastic.